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3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Insert Images on Your Website

3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Insert Images on Your Website

        You might be wondering what mistakes will you have accidentally make when you insert images on your website. These mistakes listed below might sound ridiculous, but some of us might make those mistakes and it will be embarrassing when your viewers saw those mistakes on your website.

There are 3 most common mistakes that most of us might make:

1. Insert feature images which are too large

Most newbies did not know how to adjust the image’s size and some of us will forget to adjust the image’s size before we upload it. A huge image will annoy your viewers as they will have to scroll all your website down to view your content. Some of those large images will take a longer time to load and your viewers might think that your website is inoperative which will result in exiting viewing your website.

Remember to check your image size before you upload it.

2. Upload the wrong file

This is another common mistake that we might make. We forget to rename the file every here and then which will cause this mistake to occur. Uploading the wrong file will result in your keywords are not involved in the SEO. SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization and it can help your website to reach a higher search engine rank if you post the file with those certain keywords.

Maintaining a good habit of naming your documents or pictures with different name to avoid confusion.

3. Your image is not original

Stealing others’ hard work is not a wise choice as you will be fined and call to court if the image’s owner felt offended. Legal actions will be taken and I am sure that you do not want this to happen to you.

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